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Getting Started with NMRA DCC
with specifics & exam
ples for S Scale

This thirty-five page document was written to assist model railroaders with getting started with NMRA DCC. It starts out with a brief explanation of DCC for the uninitiated including the basic components of a DCC system, and provides some pointers to other sources of information on DCC. Selecting a DCC system for your model railroad is a lot like selecting your car -- each person has specific needs and desired. While we often get asked "Which system do you recommend", we won't recommend a particular manufacturer's system. However in this document you will find a seven page section on "Selecting a DCC system". It will walk you through some of the features and functions you will find advertised for DCC systems, and hopefully provoke some thought & research on the reader's part for those features and functions in a DCC system that are most important to him/her.

Other sections of this document include information on DCC power stations, power supplies, bulb/lamp selection for use with DCC decoders, speakers for use with DCC sound decoders. And finally we have include some specifics for the S scale modeler including DCC power stations for S scale layouts, stall & operating current measurements for a large selection of S scale locomotives, and information on installaitons in S scale locomotives.

We regularly update this document, so feel free to check back periodically to get the latest version. The document is provided here in Adobe's PDF format so that we can control the look and feel of the document and make it easy to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0 or later installed on your system to view the document. This is a free download if you need it. Click here to visit Adobe's website.


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