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Digital Command Control (DCC) as defined by the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Standards & Recommended Practices(RPs) has become a very popular method of control for model railroads. There is a wealth of information available about NMRA DCC, its application, tips & techniques, and installations. Our  focus on this site is on the application of DCC in S scale, although much of the information (excluding specific installations of course) will apply in other scales.

  • Selecting a DCC System for S Scale
  • Clinic Handout:: Getting Started with NMRA DCC
  • Installing DCC in S Scale models
  • Tips and Tools to improve your DCC environment

Links to other web sites we believe may be of interest:

Like any major purchase, an informed consumer makes better purchasing decisions, so please be sure to avail yourselves of the wealth of DCC information available both in printed materials and electronic forms. Among the printed materials which are available:

  • Ames, Friberg & Loizeaux. Digital Command Control - the comprehensive guide to DCC, 1998, ISBN 91-85496-49-9
  • Digitrax, Inc. The Digitrax Big Book of DCC, 1999, ISBN -09674830-0-X
  • Friberg, Rutger. Model Railroad Electronics, this is a series of books on electronics & DCC in model railroading
  • Strang, Lionel. DCC Made Easy, 2003, ISBN 0-89024-616-5
  • Loy's Toys. DCC Encyclopedia, a collection of the DCC information publish over several years

Supplementing these are numerous articles published in the model railroad magazines including major DCC series in Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroading, and Model Railroader.

DCC systems and components are available from many fine dealers (and we have purchased from quite a few of them) both in hobby shops and on the Internet, and many of them have web sites providing information on the products they carry. Some have even expanded their web sites to include additional more general information such as system selection guides, etc. One DCC retailer has in our humble opinion gone above and beyond with the material available on their web site. As such we are highlighting their web site here because regardless of where you purchase your DCC products, this web site offers a significant amount of consumer information across many, many DCC manufacturers, going beyond even expanded product sales information, with additional information such as installation instructions, technical tips, problem resolution, user product reviews, etc.

And finally please remember that each of the DCC manufacturers (small and large) has their own web site with detailed information about their individual products including such items as product information, pricing, user manuals, technical tips, support & contact information, etc.


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